Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New occasional feature: Learning to Spell

Maybe I've done it more than most, but everybody as learned to spell some words in ways that are, shall we say, not generally recognized. My new realization is that I need to take the 'e' out of 'sizeable' and put it on the end of 'therefor'. Where did I read 'sizable' twice and think, "hey lookit how dumb this guy is"? And then I saw it somewhere else and suddenly it was all, "oh, lookit me, I guess." No, don't lookit me, please. Of course, the Oxford American (2e) lists 'sizeable' as an also variant, which in this case means it's also standard. Maybe I'll keep my spelling after all.

As for 'therefore', I really hate that 'e' at the end, even though I dearly love 'e' in isolation. Oh, don't keep 'e' in isolation! He'll get lonely. Invite 'e' in to sit by the fire, won't you? Ahem. I don't like the standard spelling, but 'therefor' is a different word --maybe slightly different, maybe seriously different-- so I'd better learn to keep them straight. Plus, who doesn't know how to spell 'therefore'? Sheesh. What are you, a drummer?

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