Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Praise of Cowardice, v.3.0

While I'm working on rewriting my favorite poem from my college glory days, 'Princess Coughsyrup Lullaby,' I thought I'd share with you a lyric that is perhaps of interest to no one but Central Boise Library fans, a small subset of which strangely overlaps with the tiny (but complete) set of my readership. . . It might be of interest to them because it was what Sam sang, for a year or so, for the song that became "A Certain Bully." Yes, my modesty is false: I do think this poem stands on its own merits:
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In Praise of Cowardice (v.3.0)
A coward hides his tail
between his hind legs,
looks back with ears held flat
as he slinks away.

A hero dies just one time;
A coward has a thousand lives,
A thousand chances to contemplate,
A thousand chances to hesitate.

(this stanza doesn't scan right at all, but he made it fit, sort of):
Sometimes there is no bridge
between the thought and the deed;
if you would cross the gap
all you can do is leap.

(this was the chorus):
I love my cowardly ways.
Cowards should be everyone.
You can't get shot in the face
If you know when to run.

There was a variant chorus, but I don't remember what it was. It must not have been as punchy a getting shot in the face. I stole that idea from Faith No More, the song 'Ricochet' I think, or maybe 'Last to Know' --I haven't heard the King for a Day . . . record for a while.

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