Friday, January 2, 2009

The Blog is Dead!

Long live the blog!

If there's going to be just one derelict post lingering at the top of this pitiable page, I'd rather it was someting inspiring; so, while I weigh the thought of chucking it all and switching to writing about my thoughts on old-school D&D (in the mold of the several blogs I've recently discovered, and in whose life-giving waters I'm now floundering) I want to recommend some music to you.

What could be more banal--and probably unwelcome, if experience is any guide--than that? Probably nothing, and furthermore I expect you're all well aware of the splendours I would urge you toward; nonetheless I come here today to recommend to you Haydn's Paris symphonies (nos. 82-87, including those nicknamed 'The Bear,' 'The Hen' and 'The Queen').

They are pure exuberance--they are 'concupiscent curds in kitchen cups'--they are a mauve glow along the bottoms of pillowy clouds at dusk--they are French milkmaids whose white bucolic sleeves are damp with dew. 'The Bear' or No. 82 is my personal favorite.

Wouldn't it be funny if--just once--when you recommended something to somebody, when you asked them if they checked it out, they said "Why Yes, I did. I like this and this; I didn't like this and this"?

The poor question mark is out in the cold. Maybe I should bring him inside.

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