Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bearded Octopus Has Something to Say to You

At the center of our galaxy sits a bearded octopus a million light-years wide. His diet is dying stars.

At 15, curious about jazz, I found in my dad's record cabinet a compilation record (which I realize now he probably picked up as part of his study of percussion education at college) featuring a song by someone called Red Norvo, "Honeysuckle Rose." I loved it but haven't heard it since. I didn't know until today that Red Norvo was a mallet player, and I don't recall the presence of mallet percussion factoring in to my love of the song, though xylophones and glockenspiels have seduced me on numerous other songs, FZ's "Wowie Zowie" chief among them.

My new glockenspiel arrived today and, pursuing my curiosity again, a few clicks through Wikipedia to a site dedicated to mallet percussion led me to an ad for a Red Norvo record: The Dance of the Octopus.

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