Thursday, March 19, 2009

I shoulda listened to my dad

He told me once, oh, it's getting to be 20 years ago now, "If it ain't in time, it's nothing."

He was talking about playing drums, but it's good advice for lots of things--of course, I thought it was outrageous nonsense at the time. And most of the time, playing music, close enough is good enough (or so I think--perhaps those who've heard me play think different. . .) When you're playing with a group, the time you play is the time, so it can be flexible--and sloppy, yes--but it's about playing together, not (necessarily) making the time between each beat uniform.

Or my timing is completely fucked.

That's what it seemed like last night, in the shed, trying to play along with the click track. I don't even know if I was dragging or rushing. Who knew that all it would take to make this natty skinsman go from thinking he was Hot Shit to feeling like he doesn't know how to play music at all was a couple dozen half-beats.

Shoulda taken my dad's advice and learned to practice with a metronome.


Travis said...

There are two things you can do:

1) Learn to play with the click track and then know for certain that you are hot shit.

2) Exclaim that the click track has no soul and you don't jive with it.

Aaron Nuttall said...

Hey, Travis!

I would love tell that click that music is for humans, so switch off, but since it also wouldn't care about that, I think I'll go with your first suggestion.

So, do you get a chance to play music anymore these days?

EchoDelta said...

You have to blame it on Joe's Garage, Moby Dick and Thick as a Brick.

You should practice riding the rails, and not choose to rail against the ride that someone else established out of Pavlovian self-conditioning.


Aaron Nuttall said...

Hey, E.D.!

You know, I was just writing about Joe's Garage and Johnny and Tina's garage yesterday. . . and all that good ol' days stuff.

Z.V. House said...

You are hot shit my friend. Emphasis on the "hot" and not on the "shit"

Aaron Nuttall said...

Why, thank you, Mr. House.