Monday, April 13, 2009


Is the Mr. Show theme inspired by Lumpy Gravy?

EDIT, for Mr. Smitty: the Mr. Show theme was written by Mark Rivers drummer for the Cavedogs, who I'm now interested in; also, you will someday fight cavedogs. You can buy a recording of the Rock Coaches (funny name) playing it here. Or you can listen to the whole track instead of buying it.

Lumpy Gravy is a Frank Zappa record and song. You can listen to a snippet of Keith Emerson playing the title theme from Lumpy Gravy here (track 13). And it's track two here, on the new album that I covet most in the world.

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T. Smitty said...

Well, I only have a vague idea of what Mr. Show is, and I have no idea what Lumpy Gravy is.