Friday, June 5, 2009

Easily the Awesome/Stupid -est thing I've ever experienced

Last night's A Gun That Shoots Knives show (at the VAC). I really should mention it, take a moment to savor it, and not forget it without appreciating how individual it was.

Talking portrait of The Devil? Check.
Matching home-made Satanic Uniforms? Check.
Copious use of 'motherfucker'? Check.
"Don't you feel lame that when the dinosaurs return they won't know your name?" Check.
A song that namechecks THREE DIFFERENT Balrogs? Check.

And there was even a rubber Flash Gordon helmet.

Never has anything been so Awesome/Stupid. My life henceforward is nought dumbshow and shadow-play. Why didn't I tell them how much I loved what they do? Cuz I'm chicken. Bgawk, bawk.

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