Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Species Spotted on Mutant Earth!

I learned yesterday that Third Earth, the ThunderCats' new home (and the model for my Mutant Earth), is also home to a group of gentle, gelfling-looking unicorn shepherds with blue stars on their noses. Across their noses and onto their cheekbones, actually.

That means there's also unicorns, and skinny-legged little unicorn foals.

We'll keep you updated with useless information as it arrives and allows to fill up the air time between commercials.


Chris said...

Nooooo! The Hasbro madness has taken hold of Aaron's mind.

Only massive doses of Pretentionium can balance the inflammation of his Retro-Stupid lobes and prevent an outbreak of (*shudder*) Care Bears.

Srsly. Ok, that's just bonkers enough to work.


There are Skeksis, right?

Aaron Nuttall said...

Taking my Pretentious Pills, the fog of stupid retro euphoria lifts and I see the gelflings proper, and the gelfling-oids alike, as metaphors for the soulessness of the world in want of the old ways of gentleness, harmony, and cleaning up the shimmering, moonlight-scented dung of unicorns.

There's the Vulture Lords, but they may not be skeksis exactly.

And I'm pretty sure a band of powerful rainbow-wizard bear-like creatures lives not far from Unicorn Meadows.