Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reavers & Blooddrinkers

A race of revolting fish-men --plunderers and pirates from beyond the void between the Milky Way and whatever cesspool of stars spawned them, scours the starways in this part of the galaxy, dragging with them their corpulent, barely intelligent pig-men slaves.

Of all the hazards of star travel, none is spoken of by hardened space jockeys with more fear in the voice than the Gungan Reavers. Old timers sometimes say that the Gungans wiped out a galaxy-wide police force of mystics, psychics, and matial artists unmatched in skill with the energy blade.

Now the disgusting fish-men terrorize our own worlds, preying on simiod and feloid alike for their blood-drinking rites, which rites are said to induce in their warriors a frothing, burbling war-madness surpassing even the bear-sarkers of the Lionmen of Mongo.

May the Void have pity on any world whose skies are darkened by the BlackFin Star Destroyers of Old Otoh Gunga.

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