Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How's That Ghostbusters Retroclone Comin' Along?

Well, first off, the system really is so simple that this review on rpgnet has enough right there for you to play the game, so there's not really any need for a clone. But I feel like undertaking a crazy project that will be a shipload of work.

I've read the Training Manual and taken the rules out for a test flight. That's progress of a sort.

Should anyone still wish to support this "effort" in a pdf fashion, I can still be reached at velocipedestrian there on the gmail. Both books (but none of the extras, like the character and equipment cards, and the reference sheets) are available, one jpg page at a time, on gbfans but that is no good for printing--if you're a lazy cuss like me.

Hey! I would swear that that these weren't up last time I looked, but now everything from the box is available on Ghost Busters International. Get it while it's hot!

I noticed (in the preview download) that Steve Jackson's Toon had a chapter about an example series called Witchdusters and it looks like it came out during the original Ghostbusters mania. Don't ever ask me to tell you about the time two friends and I made proton packs out of aluminum foil and paper cupcake cups and lip-synched to Who You Gonna' Call? in the school talent show. Anyway, Witchdusters is a great name, but I'm leaning toward something like Ectospasm!

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Mike David Jr. said...

Aaron, you are the man!

When I first suggsted the retro-clone idea, I thought it would be cool for people to pubish new stuff for an old system.

I mean, come on. The Ghostbusters RPG engine with a few twists is perfect for roleplaying bad B-Movies...