Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Race of a Whole World Accurst

The Gonzoids:

A diminutive, blue 'skinned' birdlike folk of unknown origin. Some say they are a kind of speaking bipedal flightless bird, some that they are victims of a hateful curse that reduced a once proud and charismatic people to ridiculous, plushy-fleshed chimerae with a truly corn-fed sense of humor.

Characters of this race on the Mutant Earth will most often be Technicians, as their soft bodies are ill suited to war and their ticking-stuffed heads little equipped for the recondite studies of spell-play and sorcery, to say nothing of this rootless folk's detachment from their divine patrons, in any there be.

Gonzoids cannot fly, being wingless, though most show no fear of being launched from large bore explosive-propellent type war engines.

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