Monday, July 6, 2009

The World Is Chock Full of Awesome

Don't jump off a lake just yet, oh ye despairing! For such wonders await, to wit:

The AWESOMEST SESSION REPORT IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER. I know it's old news to the blognards and fellow travellers, but some of my meatspace friends don't read the blognardoshpere, and they'll appreicate it too. Thanks Booberry! I hope my Mutant Earth games are half as frakking rad. I'll be adopting much of the Encounter Critical rules. More belated thanks for Jeff Rients's urging of that game on readers of Fight On! No. 3

Second, more old news: I have just now discovered Sea Dracula. I can see the light again, and I won't have to drive my bus under a train after all. I have some thought to do before I can incoporate this finest of all games into my OD&D rules for the Mutant Earth, but a labor of love truly will it be. You can get it for free here.

So, by Rientsian Alchemy The Mutant Earth now stands as ('80s Animation + Flash Gordon + The Dark Crystal) in a blender with (OD&D+Ghostbusters+Encounter Critical) poured into the kitchen sink and ladled out onto the Outdoor Survival map, or something similar, with this as a recurring set piece (from Geekstir, though I think I saw it somewhere else earlier last week):

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