Monday, September 28, 2009

Spondee & Me: After the Flood

If you ever get the chance to fill in as a drummer for a pop-rock band at very good show for a very enthusiastic audience, I recommend you take it. It ain't half bad.

It's FAUGHING RAD, actually.

But I've never gone out of town with a band (listen to this pretentious wind bag, he's been 'out of town with a band' exactly twice) without regretting that I didn't have a dictionary with me. Last time it was all about eyebrows leading to the pubic bone, and other adult discussions of hair; this time it's a plethora that's got me prurient.

I just want to quote the Oxford American (2nd ed.): "(a plethora of): an excess of something."

I'm not "literally" waving this in anyone's face--I'm just saying that if you tell this certain someone to grab you a plethora of unicorns before those 40 days of rain, don't expect that famous rainbow to be farted out by no horny horse.

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