Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In loving memory of an opinion. . .

I'm finally coming around to an appreciation of Obituary's 1990 record Cause of Death. (I was prompted to revisit it by the chapter on it in the new collection of Decibel magazine's Hall of Fame features, Precious Metal).

It's practically musical in one or two places--and downright groovy in plenty of others, a welcome change from the dull pummeling of most early death metal reocrds.

Plus, the vocals remind me of Blaine Fart (of my favorite-band-in-high-school, The Accused) and that's always a good thing.

And one more capper: the first Lovecraft paperback I ever bought had that same Michael Whelan painting on the cover.

Looks like I'll have to hit up the corner record shop for The End Complete next.

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JJ said...

Those vox always did sort of remind me of Blaine from the Accused in a more metal way. These dudes, like Autopsy, knew that sick death metal should ooze, not just pummel.