Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Saturday: Saturday is the Day I Play D&D

May that never change.

Well, a different day is fine. A different game is fine too. But still, is all I'm saying.

Full Poser Disclosure: we're playing 4e (I was out-voted) but we did just enter the Ruins of the Moathouse.

But maybe that just adding sacrilege to apostasy--it is this Moathouse:

As penance I'll say 6 Hail Jeffs and order a copy of Advanced Edition Companion from my local game shop (all About Games in Boise).



Anonymous said...

Burn the heretics!
Now..was the fun you had was worth the flames licking your tootsies?


Aaron Nuttall said...

We were damn near EATEN BY GHOULS so I say there were fun and flames aplenty.

John said...

As long as you have fun, who cares what edition?

trollsmyth said...

Cool. Let us know how it plays. :)

Aaron Nuttall said...

I had a ton of fun getting gulped up by the frogs, and that ghoul fight was SO close to a TPK--in fact my sister called it early and drew a big TPK sign on the back of her character sheet.

The 4e death rules, Nerfy as they are, do create a fun situation where you may get to roll an honest-to-god save-or-die several times in a row. As I had to. It was thrilling.