Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here's how hit dice are gonna work

The human standard is a d6 hit die. When you get hit, roll your hit die, if it's less than or equal to the enemy's damage roll, you've been wounded. Fighting men will get bigger hit dice as they get better. And monsters will be a vast forest of befuddlement.

Then you roll to find out where the wound is. This will result in injury or, about 1 in 5 times, in death.

Depending on the location, there will be a variety of penalties and danger; I'm thinking broken bones and infection.

Becasue I'm getting specific (well, not right now, but when I do. . .) I'll have to take into account the three basic types of injury: blunt force, laceration and puncture. There are weapons that specialize in those things to differing degrees. And if I'm doing that I'd better include some differing effects for the different classes of armor, maybe with three broad classes there as well, with perhaps an intermediary between mail and plate. Wikipedia calls it transitional armor, I think. No, it calls it transitonal armour.

I know that a nebulous smattering of ideas isn't very useful to you, and perhaps not worth your time to read, but go ahead and give me any suggestions for precedents and directions others have taken with this line of thinking. Thanks!

By the way, Tommy and Alan, I don't intend to apply this to LotFP:WFRP right away, but maybe we can give it a test run before the Big Game arrives.

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