Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What, there's a 15 in 15 going around?

Okay, I'll blurt out the games as quickly as I think of them.

  1. D&D (BECMI) My first exposure to D&D was a Moldvay red book I found at the dump, but Mentzer was the game I pored over in my pre-teen years.
  2. Dangerous Journeys--Mythus This was the first game I refereed for multiple sessions (for more than one player, Erik).
  3. Angband I wish there weren't so many video games here, but I'll never regret my time spent with this one.
  4. Super Mario Bros. 2 I bought this with my paper route money in '89.
  5. Gemfire (SNES) I always wanted to mock up a boardgame version of this--viola: Runewars did it for me.
  6. Final Fantasy "II" (SNES) I got really wrapped up in the story of this, at least twice. "You spoony bard!"
  7. Puerto Rico This was my first euro-game. The first of hundreds.
  8. D&D 3X I ran my first real campaign under these rules and it was a good time. So good I almost miss the 900 cubic feet of books I got rid of a couple years ago.
  9. Swords & Wizardry-->Labyrinth Lord-->LotFP:WFRP This is where I am now, and the OSR is like the best thing in gaming ever.
  10. Carcassonne The euro-game I've played the most of, though I rarely play it anymore.
  11. Games Workshop Combat Cards I just loved the world implied by the pictures of the minis and their names. I didn't know about Warhammer Fantasy Battle as a tween, so this was the best I could do.
  12. The Mutant Earth '89 This was a game I invented when I was 13, to allow my brother and friends to play mutant turtles and mutant badgers and robot bikers. It will soon be resurrected (again!) for my LotFP:WFRP game.
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker I just love this game--the sounds, the graphics, the sailing.
  14. Sid Meier's Civilization I did nothing but play this in at least one of my Accelerated Independent Study hours in '93-'94.
  15. Magic: the Gathering Ah, thousands of cards. Thousands.

And now I'll add in some comments.


Erik said...


I feel like this is an edited autobiographical farce!

Where is that black cover 1st edition AD&D book? and your extreme Dragonlance addiction? And you were a 2nd Edition nut too!?!?!?
What kind of Manrend are you (PeeYello Manrend) :)

And there was that slip into the techno worlds of shadowrun and rifts and the such... I imagine that was fuzzed by teenage escapades...

Just sayin' the paper should rule them all (like that little red book)

Aaron Nuttall said...

You're right, Erik, I did leave out all the 1E/2E we played in high school. But I did list D&D twice, and this is (sometimes) a D&D blog--I didn't want to fill up on the obvious.

But I can't believe I didn't think of Ebony Manrend! Well, it has been 20 years. . .

And I should have mentioned Moria on your Amiga, too.

JJ said...

The Mutant Earth '89 sounds awesome, I want to see it!