Friday, November 26, 2010

Of Weredog and Man: The Predator Domesticated

Wolf and Man have ever been rivals, and though we still respect and fear the wolf in its primal state, it is not our species that has become a million different mockeries of itself, that fawns and pants over the other in absolute idiot loyalty. No, that is the state of the Dog.

Likewise, Werewolf and Man have always had an even closer relationship, the mooncurse bringing the fear of nature red in tooth and claw directly into yourself and losing yourself in it. It's a Klein bottle scene.

But just as with the Wolf, Man triumphed and made of a killer a pet, there now can be found, everywhere humans live, a domesticated race of Weredogs--floppy ears, spotted coats, slobbering friendliness and all. When the moon is full the Beast overtakes them and they become Man's Best Friend, and their human mind can only guess in horror what was done in their metamorphosed body while they were exiled from it. Did they sniff the behinds of house cats? Like the hand of a weakling wizard? Beg to be let out to answer the call of the wild?

The only answers will be half-recalled scraps of dreams. This bestial state is rather like the cat's eyes trance that sometimes overcomes Thuderan cat-people and Mongonese Lionmen. Thus, the weredog is a playable race upon the Mutant Earth.

Could these be the dogmen described by Marco Polo? Sure, why not.

(from Wikipedia)

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