Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Techno-Magical Crowdsourcing Nightmare, Again

You can feel it coming, can't you? The day when the whole world is wired together and thinks as one planet-sized consciousness, the day any wish can be made deed with the speed of thought and the all the resources of the planet behind it.

More "information" they say is generated in a second--or a minute, it hardly matters--than one human can consume in a lifetime. That's waste! That information is fuel. Fuel for the interstellar colonial civilization we are destined to become.

In the meanwhile, consider that the chatter among those 10 billion simultaneous-minds will be just like Twitter and the comments threads of blogs, so be prepared for rival factions crowdsourcing instant monster factories and sending said giant robot monsters to duke it out upon the ruins of all the cities and museums and schools and libraries.

What will YOUR team's giant robot monster look like?

Oh wow--this image tickles some deep, long-undisturbed memories. I must have seen it once when I was very young. Read about it here.

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