Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dropping the [Die] for the First d30's Day

Here's a product I didn't know about:

(source) Also check out 30-Sided Adventure and Other Tales and 30 Sided Character.

This concerns me mainly because I had the idea to create something similar: 30 d30 tables for use in the Torture-City of the Blue Gloop Super-Scientists, my aspiring megadungeon (which is really hardly a regular dungeon), that I'm presently running with LotFP:WFRP, though I'm may be switching to Sorcery & Super-Science (or maybe even Traveler!) depending on which way the PCs go next.

And the idea for the d30's Day Thursday was that I would present a 30-item table, such a 30 Basic Body Forms For Alien Corpses or 30 Special Effects for Ray Guns and Other Energy Weapons--but I'm not going to get to that today.

So I'll just plug a few things:

Check out Knightvision Games and their brand new first PDF, the Labyrinth Lord adventure Path of the Delver.

I didn't read these as a kid, but I probably will now--reprints of the Fabled Lands gamebooks.

And, I'm late to the party again, but here's the greatest RPG tool ever created: Abulafia, the Random Everything Generator.

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