Friday, December 3, 2010

Freebie Friday

Here's Freeb, the Free Bee:

It's actually a comic from Natalie Dee, so go check that out.

So, you know you can get the E.R. Burroughs Mars novels for free, right? Okay, only four of them turn up at Project Gutenberg, but I got like 13 last night for my new Kindle (Thanks, Kelly!). Not Fighting Man of Mars, though. This is suspicious. (oh, here it is on Gutenberg Australia.) Fighting Man of Mars has 'fighting-man' right there in the title. Anyway, once you've got all the free E.R.B you can stand, I want every one of you to buy Warriors of the Red Planet when it comes out.

Huh, Goodreads just turned me on to someone called Alan Burt Akers. He any good? He wrote a god-awful lot of books, so that can't be good, but they've got hella rad covers like this:


And this one, despite the cruddy scan:


So what's this about Freebie Friday? I don't know, I mean, what do we need that for? Everything in the OSR is free. Go check out the Free RPG Blog.


Talysman said...

I read the first Dray Prescot book, Transit to Scorpio (but in the interest of full disclosure, I read it so that I could write a parody to tease a friend who was addicted to the series.)

It was no where near as exciting as the Mars books; hack writing, at its hackiest. I mean, think how trashy the Gor novels are... but several of the Gor books are actually better than Transit, if you're able to overlook the anti-feminist B&D theme of Gor. On the other hand, the Dray Prescot books are pretty clean.

If you are really jonesing for sword and planet, you can get by with the Dray Prescot books. Just don't expect much.

Aaron Nuttall said...

Thanks for the warning, Talysman!

JJ said...

Against the spirit of Freebie Friday, but I bought everything ERB wrote from Amazon for .99. It was worth it, just to click twice and own it all! I'm about 4 books into the Mars series right now and slowly making my way through it all. Shame on me for never reading these books before! They are the raddest, gonzo pulp S&S.

wv: Booksh - The new bar I'm going to open for people that like to read and drink quietly. Bookshhh!

Rob Lang said...

Thanks for the free RPG love. I'd also recommend for a load of lovely free goodness.