Thursday, December 29, 2011

d24 Reasons You're Destitute at Level 0

You know, I was very excited about the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game (uh, which was news back in the Summah) because it claimed to be a return to pulp roots, and because Joseph Goodman's posts about reading Appendix N were inspirational. (I hope inspiration keeps--I still haven't cracked the spine on any of those books I bought during my transport of 'inspiration' except The Dying Earth.)

I'm less excited now that I've, finally, with all deliberate speed, read some of the public beta rules. My impression so far is that it's D&D 3e with a bunch of clunky funk on top. I don't like, in an Olde Schoole leaning product, the Will/Fort/Reflex save system (remind me to post about saving throws, or direct me to someone who has abstracted the bonuses by class in OD&D and Holmes and such). And I don't like ascending AC--don't you know Delta's Target 20 system is objectively the best? And I don't like that it uses the Zocchi Funky Dice--even though I like the idea of polyhedral funk, I don't want to have to buy them. Which I don't have to do, but you know I'm going to, right?

But I like the art a lot, the funky spells business looks neat (and a giant headache), and the Level 0 funnel is worth a try.

All of which leads me to today's table. When your DCC RPG characters start at level 0, they have an occupation but at the same time no possessions. Maybe that's how it was in the Fake Middle Ages, but it seemed odd to me that one would be employed but own nothing, so I jotted down this table. I made it d24 because I was feeling the funk, but now that seems self-contradictory. Oh well.

d24 Reasons You're Destitute at Level 0

1) Cursed (witch, sorcerer, prophecy, ill-starred?)
2) Hornswoggled & Scammed (maybe it was too shameful to report to the Law)
3) Runaway (reset starting age to adolescent)
4) On the Lam (state the nature of your crime __________)
5) Shunned & Ostracised (race, color, creed, plague?)
6) Run Outta Town for Dalliances (is the mayor's daughter compromised?)
7) Employer Eaten (wolves, snakes, spiders, teenage hyenas?)
8) Taxed Outta Hearth & Home (swear you're paid up?)
9) Robbers, Highwaymen or Burglars
10) House Burned Down (did you lose family too?)
11) Prolonged Illness (feeling much better now?)
12) Caught Being a Cheat (who'd you rip off?)
13) Slander & Rumors (how far does your Bad Reputation stretch?)
14) Horse or Ox Went Lame (did you shoot it? This ain't the Wild West!)
15) Bad Investment (like Mark Twain and the Paige Compositor)
16) Foolish Generosity (get some, give it away--at least you have good friends, right?)
17) Drank It All Up & Pissed It Away (I'll bet you've got some good enemies)
18) Spendthrift (you just bought shit, but where did it go? Probably ate it.)
19) Never Had Nuthin' To Begin With
20) Mine or Well Ran Dry (both might cause a village to disappear)
21) Injured on the Job (and no TV commercials telling you how to get money for it.)
22) Got on the Boss's Bad Side (or the Boss's Spouse's)
23) Crops Failed or Supplier Vanished (might be the same as #20)
24) Your Trade Is Banned By The Goddam Gubmint

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Tim Shorts said...

Yeah, I have to say I am iffy about it also. There seems to be a lot of 'clever' gadgets on it, but when we playtested it almost a year ago it didn't make it play any better.