Friday, March 16, 2012

d24 Parallel Universes You Should Totally Send Your Players To, Consequences Be Damned

  1. Roman technology continued advancing until there were TVs in D&D times
  2. Orcs in Business Suits
  3. People Are Music
  4. Singing Tea Sets
  5. Everything Broke Bad (see The Wish and Dopplegangland)
  6. the '70s (heck, roll a d10, don't even use the 20th century)
  7. Squirrel World (monsters = cats, treasure = nuts)
  8. Roll on this table (it's mostly '80s cartoons)
  9. Trolla (this is a subset of the cartoons table)
  10. Earth-11 (you could roll a d52, but I don't know if they've all been detailed.  This is also She-Ra land)
  11. An Abandoned TV Western Set is the Whole World
  12. You are the Justice League
  13. You are the Avengers
  14. Humanity is Enslaved by Nazis/Drow/Vampires/COBRA (this is the same as #5, really)
  15. Spock's-goatee-world
  16. Flatland
  17. Herland
  18. Golden Compass land (or Subtle Knife land, unless that's the one that is like the ordinary world)
  19. Mars Attacks! or War of the Worlds or Tharks and White Apes of the Mixed Martian Martial Arts League)
  20. You're all Pretty, Pretty Princesses
  21. You're all Hungry, Hungry Hippos
  22. Goblins are in charge of painting the rainbow and you're goblins.
  23. Candyland
  24. Fast (or slow) time land


cappadocius said...

Can I replace "pretty, pretty princesses" with "pastel ponies"?

Aaron Nuttall said...

That would fabulous in my book, even if they're in a Selena Gomez video. You should put Planet of the Apes on there somewhere too. Uh, these things are not connected.