Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bullet Review: Beneath the Ruins by Alex Fotinakes

Beneath the Ruins (Psychedelic Fantasies Module 1) by Alex Fotinakes

Price: $5.50 postpaid for print and PDF from Psychedelic Fantasies.
Print Quality: Pleasant to handle and easy to read. 16 pp. (4.5 by 11 in.) and unattached cover with maps.
HD per encounter: Generally in the 3-5 range.
Awesomeness Factor: Quite high. There's lasers.
Dungeon Design: Quite good. I will happily use it as-is. The dungeon has some loops.

Comments: Keep in mind that this module has no art at all and that appealed to me. I wish more OSR products were produced without art. Obviously, if you want art with your adventures, you may find Beneath the Ruins less desirable.

Because of the creepy mythic atmosphere of the beginning, and the weird science theme--and because it includes many new monsters--I think this module was well worth my money, and I look forward to more from Psychedelic Fantasies and Alex Fotinakes (of Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols).

Choice Quote: "The cassette inside has some alien operas on it that sound like people screaming at someone using a Weed Eater."

Note: A different version of this dungeon was, as mentioned on WMLP published in the 'zine of the same name.


Alexey said...

Thanks for the review, Aaron! I had a lot of fun writing and playing Beneath the Ruins, and hope that others do, too. I'll be very interested to hear from the people who play through it, since a module really comes alive in the context of the gaming table. I always know that whatever I write as a DM is only a spark to ignite the fire. Players actively interacting with weirdness spawns truly interesting and memorable gaming experiences! Cheers and good gaming.

Aaron Nuttall said...

You're welcome, Alexey. I would prefer to review modules only after I've played them, though that takes a great deal longer. I hope I can return soon with reflections on Beneath the Ruins as played.