Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bullet Review: Crawl! Issue #4

This issue is entirely devoted to a DCC RPG adventure, The Tainted Forest Near Thorum by Yves Larochelle

Price: $3.50 postpaid from the Crawl! fanzine blog
Print Quality: Very good. It's a pleasure to look at and handle. 24 pp. (5.5 by 8.5 in.) and unattached cover with a rather impressionistic and hard to read map (I guess that would be an exception to the "pleasure to look at" comment).
HD per Encounter: All along the range from 2d8 for nuisances to 12d8 for the biggest guys. The pitched fights are around 9d8.
Awesomeness Factor: Low. A big bad river monster that acts like a kitten is pretty amusing though.
Dungeon Design: Linear, with nary even a detour. Some of the encounters are half-baked, but I like the NPCs and the surrounding locales.

Comments: I don't think this adventure is worth the money (but it is a tiny amount, so I'm about 60% satisfied). The 'zine looks really nice (though Scott Ackerman's art probably needs to presented in larger format to live up to its phantasmagoric promise) and the NPCs could be useful elsewhere, but this dungeon is mediocre.

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