Monday, March 18, 2013

Cartoon Action Hour Season Three is Coming!

I have a tradition here at The Like of mention Cartoon Action Hour (the RPG of 80s animation) every year or so--it's about how often I check

Today I learned that a new edition of Cartoon Action Hour is threatening release (as mentioned here at the end of January), so please allow me to launch the first broadside in the CAH Edition Wars:

Season Two Forever! O! S! R! O! S! R!

I kid. I'm looking forward to the new edition and I hope it becomes a thriving, community-building hit for Spectrum Games.

My new series shall be called Under the Heel of Pharaoh Chewbacca and new eps. will air on Saturday mornings on the My House Network--as soon as the pilot is ready.

Can your band of scrappy misfits survive on an Iberian peninsula colonized by Egyptian religious zealot carpet monsters from space? Even if they can, what'll they do about the Hawkmen?  I have a bad feeling about this . . . 

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