Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not bummed about Dwimmermount after all

Turns out the announcement of ACKS-only release was a mistake; furthermore, I learned from Jeramy Deram's comment on my lamentation post that ACKS and LL are mostly the same, so for both of those reasons let me say that I am thoroughly restored in my satisfaction with Autarch's plans to finally release Dwimmermount.

(Although, the Kickstarter update does specifically mention that ACKS is ascending AC and I don't like that. I'm a Delta's Target 20 man.)

While I'm retracting things, I'll mention that I was totally mistaken yesterday about OD&D's wording on read magic, so my whole motivation for writing about it was off base. It was still a worthwhile and edifying mistake, so there's that. I'll have a read magic Through The Ages thing later today. I learned, for example, the value of actually reading the piece of text you feel compelled to comment on. I'm reminded of a red-pen note my 12th-grade English teacher wrote on an essay exam about Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood: I quote in full from memory, "Did it ever occur to you to write about a book you thought you understod?"

Here's something else not even children still need to be taught (though it might be germane to D&D):

It's pretty quiet, so here's what he says: Rules are only meaningful if people agree to follow them; otherwise they're just words."

And he says words like it means "flatulence."

P.S. (Not related to He-Man) Do you think there's any chance Angel's son is named after O'Connor?

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