Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Forest of Sticks and Skins

Okay, I know the answer before I begin, but I still want to ask: is it even possible to blog about drumming? Are there any drummers who can read? And if the one literate drummer is blogging, who is left to read their blog?

I thought that drumming might be something I could write about on those days when the dictionary gods vouchsafe me no secrets, but I hesitate because I fear there would be a disconcerting dissonance between the subject of rock drumming and --whatever it is that I write about here.

Yes, it is revealed to me that my multi-faced nature is so radically bifurcated --nay, omnifurcated-- that its splendiferous multifarity cannot be contained --confined!-- within the bounds of one paltry uni-topical log of . . . my idle musings. Nor, apparently can the virile urges of my idio-semantics be contained by such outmoded machinery as actual words --nay!-- the needs of my meanings are such that I must shatter the whole of English morphology into recombinant pieces that I may mortar together in any form that suits my grand designs.

But I don't have anything to say about drumming.

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