Monday, October 20, 2008

You are, like, Borg

I hope you'll forgive my late lapse into peevology, as they call it over on the Language Log --and I hope you'll forgive the deletion of that peevology. What do I care if people want to surround every noun and verb and adjective of their cellular telephone conversations (held five feet from my very ear) with attenuated likes? I doesn't mean they're stupid, just* that they sound that way.

So, I will instead say only that the cellular telephone is the crumbling verge of the slippery slope to Borgdom --no, no pop culture references allowed-- it's the slippery slope to the Hive Mind. You know, bees. You are always connected.

But I have it heard it said that resistance is, like, futile.

*You are hereby instructed to view that 'just' as a coordinating conjunction, or at least something with equivalent force. No comma splice to see here. Move along.

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