Thursday, January 8, 2009

Look what my buddies in Lust For War are up to:

Here's the latest entry from their myspace blog:


Isn't Metal a style of music?
NO. It is, but it is NOT. Metal is a comprehensive worldview.

Like the Great Religions?
Yes, like Christianity and Islam. If Satanism is Christianity upside down, METAL is Christianity INSIDE OUT. And headless.

And disemboweled.

So Metal is all we need?
Yes, Metal answers all of the Great Questions.
How ought we to live?
What is best in life?
Is there life after death?
No, but there is METAL. And the walking dead.

Anything else?
Though Metal's hate is wide-ranging and far-reaching, it reserves its bloodiest hatred for heretics within Metal itself--thus, all death metal bands which go metal-core are the vilest of vermin, and any grindcore band--regardless of their seminalness, influence or general excellence--that makes a pop record must be burned alive. And to even speak of Nu-Metal is to be crucified in the balls.

How else is Metal like the Great Religions?

Metal will tell you how to dress, what to believe, and when to bang your head.
Metal is dumb.
Metal brings like-minded people together and gives their lives meaning and purpose.

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