Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Feature: What Features?

Boy, I didn't do very well keeping to the feature ideas I began, did I? Maybe I'll try again.

In Dudgeons & Draggings this week: First I want to welcome my new readers Sham and Ragnorakk (whom I don't want to call "followers" even though you can see them in my Followers list). Your interest inspires me to make time to . . . I don't know, ramble on about not much and write overwrought sentences trying to show off my book learnin'--which really isn't anything to crow about. Welcome, guys!

As for D&D, neither of my groups played this week--heck, neither of the bands even had practice this week--you'd think I would've had some time for posting. Oh, but part of a D&D group did meet to play the Battlestar Galactica board game from Fantasy Flight.

I was dreading it because nothing (besides work, school and family) has robbed me of more hours and replaced them with crazy-making torment than Fantasy Flight games based on licensed properties. I played the Game of Thrones board game at GenCon So-Cal in 2004 for at least six hours during which nothing happened--but that was not enough! For god knows what reason I then played my own copy--that I paid money for--for what felt like six hours but was probably only four (during which nothing happened) except that I learned new and feverish ways to hate.

My experience playing Arkham Horror was much the same, though there I had the option to kick the players out of my home before they finished the game that I wanted to set fire to so that I could piss on its ashes. I didn't exercise the option, but it's nice to know its there.

That's an awfully roundabout way of saying that I was surprised to really like the Battlestar Galactica game. The "secret cylon" element is fun and I hope I get to be a Secret Cylon sometime soon. I guess it's a game of hand and resource management that turns into a race to the finish. With dogfights in space! It's too complicated for its own good, but if someone else has read the rules and can explain them to you, it actually plays easily and very smoothly. Thanks, Tommy!

And going along with my growing readership, I was thrilled to receive some copies of Christian Walker's zine Iridia out of the blue this morning. I'm flattered that they might be intended as "review" copies, and I intend to treat them as such. Soon. Really.

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christian said...

I'm glad they arrived okay. :) No worries about reviews. I just like to share my mad scribblings with others.