Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mouldering Vulture Lords

. . .of the gloor-shrine besmirched Swamp of Living Gore.

I think I'm reaching too far with that one--of course, I like it, so what do I care if it's over the top?

So, my new game world is full of anthropomorphic animals and I feel like I need to justify that; I don't, but I feel like I do, so I'm going to anyway. Sure, there absolutely are not anthropomorphic animals from space. But that's the whole reason we don't set our games in the real world, right? And people with animals heads have appealed to a lot of people through the ages, to an extent approaching universal--though I don't mean by that anything broader than 'people like them.' Then again, the sources for my game galaxy would have the place full of animal people who speak English, so maybe there would be an explanation involving extraterrestrial visitors in ancient history.

Who are the Vulture Lords and why do they moulder? Do they come From Space? Or Beyond?

How can it be that, among cultures separated by light-years, whose members can detect no commonalities in their religions other than primal archetypes, that these revolting shrines of gloor can be abominable and blasphemous to them all?

I pose that question from the PCs' point of view--but now I realize that I actually have to answer it in a concrete way.


Chris said...

re: The Mouldering Vulture Lords of the Overwrought Purpleness. Two words for ya: Skeksis, Nagpas. And of course they're from beyond space (beyond is just cooler).

re: the Repellent Miasma of the Dread Gloor-Shrines. I understand that the smell of death (at least of one's own kind) is a nigh-universal repellent. The Vulture Lords might relish such reeks as 'overwhelming auras of holiness' (after Lord Weird Slough Feg of Slaine infamy).

Ick the Ark said...

Skeksis have got to be the source for the Vulture Lords. I'm choosing to view that as a virtue. I know nought of Nagpas, though that will change shortly.

The same goes for this Slough Feg personage, though I'm always interested in the gravestink of charnel booty. Ahh! I didn't mean for that to sound like necroandrogalactazemiaphobiaphilia!