Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Merit Badge, please

I don't remember when (maybe it was in the fall), on a lark, because it was huge and always sitting on the shelf right at eye level, right outside the door where the 'backstage' of Boise Public Library lets out into the stacks, because I had this idea that he was the Ultimate Aesthete--a sickly French mama's boy fainting into his weak tea beside the foggy coast of Normandy--I started to read Proust, but I've finished the six-volume Modern Library edition of In Search of Lost Time. Where does the time go?

When I googled 'Proust Merit Badge' I discovered this:

I think I will read it, but I'm more likely to use the image on Zazzle to make my own damn badge and wear it on my suspenders.


Chris said...

"I've finished the six-volume Modern Library edition of In Search of Lost Time."

Ok, now précis it. ;)

Unknown said...


Ick the Ark said...

"Ok, now précis it. ;)"

Very funny, Mr. chris, but I'm afraid I don't unnerstand your French language.

Anyway, here's the gist: Marcel is a mama's boy. He falls for a girl whose father married a whore. Marcel is a social climber and worships the upper-class, but when he finally gets to go to their parties he finds out they're boring snobs.

He goes to the seaside and falls in love with a girl. He gets terrified she's gay so he takes her home and keeps her there. Eventually he disocvers everyone he knows is gay. His mistress dies. His best friend (gay) goes to fight in the War and dies.

Marcel goes to a sanitorium for a long time, comes back and sees everyone is old. He decides to write a book. You have just read it.