Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here's Yer Bodyguards, Space Castaways

(The Mutant Earthers are travelling in the company of two Gorns from the pirate vessel they were aboard when it crashed after having most of its aft section vaporized by a Big Woofer tactical nuke fired from a Mutant Enemy vessel. And in a fine bit of synchronicity, this shows up on the internets.)

Handily electron-o-fied for me by Mike Sterling's Progessive Ruin (and

First the thoroughly retro version, with clothes:

And because that's obviously WRONG, the spankin' new version:

I'm reminded that there's too damn much Star Trek in my Mutant Earth. I'm taking steps to fix that

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How's That Ghostbusters Retroclone Comin' Along?

Well, first off, the system really is so simple that this review on rpgnet has enough right there for you to play the game, so there's not really any need for a clone. But I feel like undertaking a crazy project that will be a shipload of work.

I've read the Training Manual and taken the rules out for a test flight. That's progress of a sort.

Should anyone still wish to support this "effort" in a pdf fashion, I can still be reached at velocipedestrian there on the gmail. Both books (but none of the extras, like the character and equipment cards, and the reference sheets) are available, one jpg page at a time, on gbfans but that is no good for printing--if you're a lazy cuss like me.

Hey! I would swear that that these weren't up last time I looked, but now everything from the box is available on Ghost Busters International. Get it while it's hot!

I noticed (in the preview download) that Steve Jackson's Toon had a chapter about an example series called Witchdusters and it looks like it came out during the original Ghostbusters mania. Don't ever ask me to tell you about the time two friends and I made proton packs out of aluminum foil and paper cupcake cups and lip-synched to Who You Gonna' Call? in the school talent show. Anyway, Witchdusters is a great name, but I'm leaning toward something like Ectospasm!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It is good to learn you are ignorant

I've heard it said that dorks don't know. I don't know where, or what significance it has in the popular culture (though I would not be at all surprised if there is a site by that name on which you can find cell-phone video of me dancing). Do tell.

And I'm pretty sure Donald Rumsfeld once meant to say "We don't know what we don't know."

So, I should look at this feeling of being an ignoramus as growing pains--and of a common enough and even healthful sort. Still smarts though.

What am I on about anyway? I just learned--just in time for the first Mutant Earth session--about Original Edition Delta and the clearly-better-better-in-the-Tweetian-sense resolution mechanic found therein: To hit, roll better than 20 with d20+AC+Fighter level+bonuses. That's with traditional AC, natch. Thanks a infinity, Delta!

Next, I was combing around for other games that deal with Mutant Earthly subject matter and discovered that not only was there a supplement for BESM on the subject of Space Fantasy, it was written by my favorite blogger and yours, Mr. Grognardia himself. And so I feel like an ignoramus.

Sorry about not linking to anything, but you don't need a bunch of links--hell, you're not even reading this.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Refinement of The Four Classes

This is a news update for the Mutant Earthers. YE GODS! We're going to play on Friday? I've got some work to do.

Thanks to xkcd, the scales have fallen from my eyes in the fiery light of I am forever changed, and my games likewise.

Therefore, let it be known that the four classes of the Mutant Earth shall be, now and forever,

The Omnidisciplinary Scientist and
The Metafaceted Humanitist and
The Panarcane Reconditist and
The Multibelligerent Uberpugilist

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Random Awesome Generator

This is dumb little, very-girls-on-the-playground-y toy I came up with night before last. I've been calling it the Random Awesome Generator--and that tells you pretty much all you need to know about what it's for-- but for you, my adoring public, I'm christening it The Random Awesome Generator of Gaming Items of Infinite Variety, in honor of the man whose idea (and fine gaming supplements) it is built on.


Column A
  1. Fire
  2. Lava
  3. Death
  4. Forbidden
  5. Hated
  6. Fearsome
  7. Last
  8. First
  9. Day
  10. Night
  11. Sun
  12. Moon
  13. Lost
  14. Endless
  15. Forgotten
  16. Ruined
  17. Shining
  18. Lightless
  19. Power
  20. Omen
  21. Orphan
  22. Widow
  23. Star
  24. Thunder
  25. Madness
  26. Plague
  27. Blood
  28. Lust
  29. Wrath
  30. Weird

Column B

  1. Mountain
  2. Sword
  3. Book
  4. Forest
  5. Tower
  6. Wall
  7. Well
  8. Tree
  9. Stone
  10. Gem
  11. Pearl
  12. Crown
  13. Flute
  14. King
  15. Maid
  16. Horn
  17. Claw
  18. City
  19. Beast
  20. Eye
  21. Hand
  22. Heart
  23. Wolf
  24. Ghost
  25. Demon
  26. Dragon
  27. Cup
  28. Seed
  29. Flower
  30. Song

Then you stick the two items together, whether as an unadorned noun phrase, or with a preposition--try to find something sensible besides 'of.' Here are some other fine choices (though I have a hard time making some of them work most of the time): in, upon, at, before, after, above, below, with, without, among, beside, around.

I like to add numbers and color, say d4: --, indefinite plural, numbered (2-13), colored (1d8: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, gray). Those are the only awesome numbers and colors. However, getting 'the 8 pearls of rage' and the 'the 4 power maids' 25% of the time gets tedious, so it probably shouldn't be so common.

Take your results and try to make something sensible. Could be an artifact, a character or a place. BUT IT WILL BE AWESOME.

So now it's yours. I'll be around the three vanished cities of the moon, seeking the madness among beasts.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Poisonous Laser Rifles of the Snakemen

That's all there is to say: the Snakemen (both the green variety of Eternia and the red ophidians of Etheria), in addition to the ability of some to breathe out a venomous (but oh-so refeshing) mist, have developed the technology of delivering their neurotoxin through a laser beam--a poisonous laser--and it is standard equipment for their space solidiers as well as their home-planet forces.

Not to worry, though, these are slow lasers. Laser blasters even. Plenty of time to admire the neon green beam as it speeds creeps past your space helmet visor.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thank Krypton for Comic Book Metaphysics

As I will now reap of that fertile garden a handful of ripe new possibilities for PC backgrounds:

Man-child: a la Lion-O, a child developmentally, but a man physically due to an adolescence spend in cryogenic storage.

Wish-refugee: Often the wisher himself, the lone rememberer of a the reality that existed before the present one came to be. Somehow, the inhabitants of the new reality always seem to know that it is 'alternate' and temporary. Won't it be fun to prove them wrong?

Marooned time-traveller: This can also result in reality-warping ripples of causality, paradoxes, and maybe even mutual annihilation of different time-selves. I haven't watched Lost season 4 yet, so no spoilers, please.

Last Son of Planet X: I include this only because I suggested it in the title.

I Am The Egg-Fu of Earth-11: As above, but seriously, I hope someone plays this.

Sorcerer's Soul Trapped In A Slot Machine: This is from an episode of Thundarr. The slot machine will require a mode of locomotion--probably a levitating saucer of some kind. Self-mobility is a hard requirement for PCs, at least in my game. Unless. . .

Haunted Animal Skin: As in the Paul Kidd novelizations of White Plume Mountain and Descent Into The Depths of the Earth.

Victim of The Curse of Muppetflesh: As in the Angel episode 'Smile Time', and my post from yesterday.

De-powered Demon Imprisoned in Manflesh: Like Anya in Buffy. Could be orcflesh, ThunderCatflesh, of Skunkmanflesh, of course.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Race of a Whole World Accurst

The Gonzoids:

A diminutive, blue 'skinned' birdlike folk of unknown origin. Some say they are a kind of speaking bipedal flightless bird, some that they are victims of a hateful curse that reduced a once proud and charismatic people to ridiculous, plushy-fleshed chimerae with a truly corn-fed sense of humor.

Characters of this race on the Mutant Earth will most often be Technicians, as their soft bodies are ill suited to war and their ticking-stuffed heads little equipped for the recondite studies of spell-play and sorcery, to say nothing of this rootless folk's detachment from their divine patrons, in any there be.

Gonzoids cannot fly, being wingless, though most show no fear of being launched from large bore explosive-propellent type war engines.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The World Is Chock Full of Awesome

Don't jump off a lake just yet, oh ye despairing! For such wonders await, to wit:

The AWESOMEST SESSION REPORT IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER. I know it's old news to the blognards and fellow travellers, but some of my meatspace friends don't read the blognardoshpere, and they'll appreicate it too. Thanks Booberry! I hope my Mutant Earth games are half as frakking rad. I'll be adopting much of the Encounter Critical rules. More belated thanks for Jeff Rients's urging of that game on readers of Fight On! No. 3

Second, more old news: I have just now discovered Sea Dracula. I can see the light again, and I won't have to drive my bus under a train after all. I have some thought to do before I can incoporate this finest of all games into my OD&D rules for the Mutant Earth, but a labor of love truly will it be. You can get it for free here.

So, by Rientsian Alchemy The Mutant Earth now stands as ('80s Animation + Flash Gordon + The Dark Crystal) in a blender with (OD&D+Ghostbusters+Encounter Critical) poured into the kitchen sink and ladled out onto the Outdoor Survival map, or something similar, with this as a recurring set piece (from Geekstir, though I think I saw it somewhere else earlier last week):