Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ThunderCats Writer Could Use Your Help

Tom Spurgeon draws our attention today to a plea put out a couple of weeks ago by Steve Bissette that a writer, Steve Perry, who worked on ThunderCats and Silverhawks (among other things, such as a comic called Timespirits) is in desperate need. Follow those links for details--the short of it is that he has terminal cancer and no support. Donations to him (I'm just repeating what those guys report) need to be postal money orders as he doesn't have a bank account to cash checks. Tom Spurgeon has also volunteered to act as electronic middleman, if you're unable to do the money order thing.

Donations can be sent here: Steve Perry, 38046 8th Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542 USA

His scripts are still entertaining me today as I work through my ThunderCats DVDs (and those Silverhawks discs I'll get to someday)--and the Mutant Earth is crawling with Thunderans, so the legacy grows, if only in the tiniest way. He isn't credited on the IMDB for ThunderCats, so I don't know what specifically to thank him for--so the existence Ro-Bear Berbils shouldn't sway your decision to give one way or the other.

Show your gratitude to a man who brought you some treasured childhood memories.

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