Thursday, October 22, 2009

Horror-Themed Board Games?

The group ran through a print 'n' play zombies game last Friday--didn't catch the name but it wasn't much of a game, though a little better than Zombies!!!

And I'm sick of zombies anyhow. Y-A-W-N.

There's Arkham Horror, but I want to unleash steaming streams of pee on the smoldering ashes of every copy of that game.

I have The Hills Rise Wild --it's actually the same foundation as the print 'n' play game with more equipment rules and such, and a pick-up-and-deliver objective laid on top. Let that stand as Exhibit 2 in my case that a Lovecraft theme is no signal of good game play inside that box. The opposite, even.

I've got Finstere Flure (that's for Holger, who doesn't read this blog), I mean Fearsome Floors. A better game than those, but not so much with the horror beyond the Universal Monsters type of Scooby-Doo type Count Chocula level 'horror.'

Of course the ultimate in gaming horror is A Game of Thrones, but that's entirely the wrong kind. I hate that game so hard it gives me stones. And a rhyming curse, I guess.

Boy I hate a lot of stuff. So, give me your suggestions of horrific (or just horrible) board games. I need 'em by tomorrow at 5:00 and don't make 'em anything I will hate.


Christopher B said...

Hmmm. You don't like Arkham Horror. You don't like The Hills Rise Wild. You're sick of zombies. Given these three facts, I don't think I have a snowflake's chance in Heck of offering up something that meets the "Don't make 'em anything I will hate" criterion.

How 'bout a nice game of chess? ;D

Ick the Ark said...

I didn't exactly make it very inviting for commenters, did I?

Well, thanks for braving my obtuseness anyway, Christopher.

The group is gonna play Princes of Florence and Agricola, and BE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Tommy Smith said...

Well, there's Werewolf, though we'd need at least 8 I think.

And I know you said no zombies, but Mall of Horror looked kinda interesting.

Or take a look at this geeklist:

I agree, Zombie Plague seemed to be lacking something, which is odd because it seemed to get so many positive comments on BGG, including the above geeklist. Think we did something wrong?

Otto P. said...

Betrayal at house on the hill (Avalon hill games) is pretty fun. Really gets to that sense of dread and paranoia.

Dicebay said...

A Touch of Evil ?

Last Night on Earth? - oh no, Zombies again.

Candyland should be a safe bet.

Ick the Ark said...

Thanks, Mr. Smitty--Hey, Shadow Hunters is on the list.

I'm interested in Witch's Brew (can you detect my bias in this selection. . .?) it's pretty close to the name of a Miles Davis fusion record that I don't hate.

I think Zombie Plague gets good word-of-mouth because it's really good looking, and seems to have well-presented rules--that's more than you might expect from a print 'n' play game.

But it's an obvious design without any twists. That's what it's missing.

Ick the Ark said...

Otto--'dread and paranoia' that's exactly what I want. Thank you!

Dicebay--Candyland. You have a wicked sense of humor, sir. And a very nice drum lesson blog. Good on you.