Monday, October 26, 2009

New Year's Resolution: Read 100 Comic Scripts

You've heard of fiscal years--well, this is a spiritual year (ignore for the time being the fact that the regular year probably has its start as a spiritual year): Halloween to Halloween. Let's hope it fares better than the Metal Year.

Okay, so it's yawningly trite. That's how you know it's Rooted in Tradition.

I started this blog a little over one year ago for no other reason than to follow Occasional Superheroine--then I discovered the Old School Renaissance and (sort of) focused on writing about that sort of business. I do still read to you from dictionaries from time to time. (Check out byronic--dude should be a vampire. In comics.)

That's about all the retrospection I wanted to do. To the Future!

There is an artist who personally requested that I write a comic that said artist would draw. Am I going to ignore this opportunity? It's likely, but this old post by Gail Simone has stirred me to action (I love the part about putting truth in a scene, and after reading Welcome to Tranquility I believe she can do it, but it's what she says about seizing opportunity that I'm high on right now). Read the 'part two' too, about civet-stink.

I know nothing about writing comics, natch. This will be no surprise to long-time readers, who are well aware I know nothing about writing anything.

So--READ 100 COMIC SCRIPTS. Gail Simone posted a few that will make a fine start.


Jesse Carter said...

Thanks for this link, and good luck. My advice, as one aspiring writer to another, is to read as many scripts as you can, while spending at least an hour a day writing. Make it a habit doing something creative in that regard, even if it's just spending an hour drawing out elaborate plot sketches, it will keep you juiced.

Ick the Ark said...

Thanks for the advice, JJ!