Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes, I will post everytime anyone on the internets compares something to Proust

Here's the latest Proust-parison, from Sunday's When Will the Hurting Stop:

"I will reiterate that neither comic is very good at all, but it's still pretty remarkable how they managed to sneak onto the stands on the very same day. It's like they're just trying desperately to see if anyone is awake at this point. It takes a lot of work to make Jeph Loeb look like Proust, but I'll be damned if his Red Hulk book isn't eleventy-billion times better than any of this shit. "

It's about two Marvel comics out last week. Who cares what they're called?


Chris said...

The opportunities for lasting comics greatness inherent in a Hulk retelling of À la Recherche du Temps Perdu should be self-evident.

Hark! I think I hear Alan Moore weeping.

Ick the Ark said...

Well, when the Wizard of North Hampton finishes his crying jag, I do hope he'll get to work on Hulk's Remembrance of Things Smashed, because that really does sound like a thing I'd like to read.