Monday, January 4, 2010

The Torture-City of the Blue Gloop Super Scientists

Hear! A title that could belong to a Captain Underpants book!

See! That 'Gloop' is probably not an English word but the name of a Roald Dahl character!

Know! Fear of cuddly aliens that look like they came from a DreamWorks movie!

I'm thinking about writing up the dungeon I had planned for the Mutant Earth and giving it to all of you. I'm calling it The Torture-City of the Blue Gloop Super Scientists, in case you hadn't guessed.

It's inspired by Forbidden Planet, Dollhouse, my own fevered fancy (which is little more than a jumble of half-remembered gleanings from pop culture, full of shiny bits like 'Gloop'), and apparently Monsters vs. Aliens, though not intentionally. I might as well watch it now, and steal what I like.


In one dark laboratory, experimental baboons have been kept alive by cyborganic grafts for centuries since the disappearance of their keepers. For some of those centuries alarms, still powered by Infinite Alien Energy, have been shrieking into the baboons' ears, accompanied by spinning red lights. The baboons are not happy.

Not far from the Mad Baboons is a glass-walled tank of cyborganic sharks. It's suspended 20 feet above the floor of a huge empty room, maybe with some banks of blinking and blooping diagnostic machines along the walls. Off to one side there is a large lever-switch-handle sticking up from the floor. I wonder what it does.

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