Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild West Cinema from Spectrum Games

I just bought Wild West Cinema, which is I believe the latest release from Spectrum Games (who also brought you Cartoon Action Hour Season Two, a game I really do plan to get to. Okay, no plan, but I HOPE to get to it).

I also, uh, hope to share my thoughts on the game after I've had time to read it and kick the tires. Naturally, since I have now posted about this, I will never do it.

What struck me at first glance was the "monster" stat blocks--I love the presentation and am excited about the lightness of rules it suggests.

Here's a sample:

That looks just like the kind of stat block I want to use.
The PCs have moderately long skill lists, which I'm less excited about, and the tone of the rules seems to favor story-oriented and play-acting type gaming (the experience rewards, for example include those for advancing the story), but that will be easy enough to ignore and instead play the right way: treasure and money are your points; points are your only goal.
Even with these quibbles, I am motivated to round up some rounders for a session or two--just as soon as we're done with the Murderworld (Jeff Grubb, 1984) module for for Marvel Super Heroes.
I hope you'll give Wild West Cinema a look as well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Book Drums?

In stores today!

On my wall tomorrow!

This Green Lantern . . . erm. . . Luigi is the guy that sold it to me!
(at Captain Comics, the finest comic shop in Boise)