Thursday, September 30, 2010

There's a game a-brewin'

The little lady and I are just about moved into our new place. We're little more than a few folding chairs away from being ready to host a regular game of Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Tommy, are you done with that pesky thesis?

Alan, have you read the Tutorial Booklet?

Who wants to play a Tigler, a Skeksis, or an Antique Japanese Lunar Rabbit-Man?

And because this post is really pointless, a random cephalopod link. Go there and read about this:

A photo of a macrotritpus larva, from Pharyngula on

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Skeksis of the Gloor Waste

So, there have to be Vulture Men, right?


These skeksis are the gloor-tainted vestiges of the Vulture Lords of eld, before the Plague of Blue Gloops and the fall of super-science.

They are laughably frail, vain (despite their horrid rotting-turkey-head faces), petty, greedy and full of devious tricks and magic gadgets. And YOU can play one.

Of course, they like to suck the Essence out of the Unicorn Folk, who are like Gelflings, only they're from ThunderCats:

What the fizz? The Wikipedia entry doesn't cover the Unicorn Folk? Does anybody know their proper name? They have stars on their foreheads, you know, like a weird species of Sneetches.

God, what a song!

Friday, September 10, 2010

There's totally anthropomorphic rabbits on the moon

Hell, they probably even speak Japanese:

If you're playing LotFP:WFRP with me, you can totally play one.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playable race: Tiglers

EDIT: I really intend to revise and flesh out this post, but I'm busy falling in LOOOOOOOVE.

Tiglers are the humanoid descendants of white Martian apes. They are very similar to modern humans in all respects except that they have two extra vestigal arms ('tickle arms') below the human-normal two, and that their genetic code isn't stored in the form of DNA. It's something Martian. How they survived on Earth with this fundamental incompatibility is a mystery shrouded by eons.

Treat Tiglers as ordinary humans but with the following modifications:

Tigler Scholars have had some success decoding the technical 'manuals' in the data banks of the impossibly ancient Martian Martial Arts Pleasure Rockets, so any Tigler has a base 1in 6 chance to know how to operate newly discovered relics of Martian technology.

Sometimes Tiglers have lasers.

Tiglers worship two "Gods-In-Flesh," the time suspended Dinosaurs-With-Lasers in the Valleys of the Crash, and The Great Ape, a still-living 200-Million-Year-Old white ape of Mars who during the Great Folly ate the Mother of Trolls and has only grown larger and angrier since. He is also worshipped by trolls as the Trollfather.