Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome to Whimsey Wednesday!

Long ago, a beloved blogger called Sham shared with us a set of Whimsey Wine tables for Arduin that he'd made in his youth, some 25 years ago. I still have never seen Arduin, but I was inspired--positively possessed-- by the idea of whimsey wine, and the idea of having several tables of madness always on hand behind the screen--and that's a practice I follow nowadays in my Mutant Earth LotFP:WFRP game.

Today I begin a weekly series exploring some application of randomness that I can use to further my mission of maximal ridiculousness in roleplaying. I suppose that can also be know as the principle of Awesome/Stupid. Also, I realize now that roleplaying may not really need any additional randomness.

My example this morning comes through a few clicks on Stumble Upon in the subject of mythology, leading to Godchecker, whose tagline is "More Gods Than You Can Shake A Stick At." They sell a Cafe Press mug with that on it, anyway. That doesn't remind you of Grognardia's current book project does it?

And the idea I have today is Godnappers. It could be a WEG Ghostbusters campaign--or hey, even the setting of that Ghostbusters retroclone that doesn't exist--just imagine that the GB's got ahold of some serious mystical incunabulae, souped up their proton packs with gamma-ray-generating-Americium (I don't know why--just, gamma rays are cool, okay?),

found themselves a Stargate to Olympus, and started napping up all the gods they could find. Or maybe that's what the bad guys did, whatever floats yr boat.

And how's that for half-baked? Incidentally, that's the other byword for my refereeing style.

Here's a picture of my moustache, from a couple weeks ago when I was roasting a goose or two (hence the hairnet) (I cannot explain the shirtlessness, however):

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