Friday, April 8, 2011

d30 Magical Mishaps

These are the thirty Officially Recognized Classes of Magical Mishaps for which students at the Academy of the Imperial Science (of Bonham, the Three-Lobed City and Seat of State of the Republic of Aalor) are trained in their Emergency Response courses.

I thought I might note how each of these mishaps would affect EVERY SINGLE OD&D SPELL but after copying out the 1st-level spells from Delta's Book of Spells I decided I'll just play Risus. So, the rule is whenever you use a sorcery cliché (or some such) and the dice come up 13 you have to take a mishap roll. There will less chance of mishaps if the 13 result is a success.

This table probably requires more referee interpretation than it should. (That's weasel-talk for Some of these result just don't make any sense.) I wrote it that way just so it would be a list of Latinate nouns-derived from-verbs. Are there eggs involved? Happy Easter!

d30 Magical Mishaps
  1. Reversal
  2. Inversion
  3. Diffusion
  4. Dispersal
  5. Dilution
  6. Sublimation
  7. Diversion
  8. Contusion
  9. Expansion
  10. Contraction
  11. Explosion
  12. Expulsion
  13. Efflorescence
  14. Mitosis
  15. Fission
  16. Recursion
  17. Amalgamation
  18. Ignition
  19. Conjugation
  20. Truncation
  21. Lactation
  22. Ovation
  23. Absorption
  24. Replication
  25. Deferral
  26. Extension
  27. Inundation
  28. Adumbration
  29. Coronation
  30. Bifurcation (roll twice more ignoring 30's (or not--see Recursion (#16) above))

Then you'll want to see who or what to apply the effect to:

  1. Caster
  2. Intended Target
  3. Other Target (among the people and/or monsters nearby)
  4. Spell in Caster's Mind
  5. Spell in Caster's Spellbook
  6. Spell not in caster's mind
  7. Original spell itself
  8. The general area
(So I guess I'm playing Risus with D&D-type spellcasting. Yes, I believe that's correct.)