Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did You Ever Know That You're My She-Ro?

She-Ra's name never made any sense to me--sure, there's the She to correspond to He-Man, but how does Ra correspond to Man?

There's no connection to the Egyptian god or the Reiner Knizia game named after him which was published long after She-Ra was produced so why even bring it up?

I suppose it has been obvious to most the whole but I only figured out just now that it's She-Ro as in Hero, but with a feminine (in Spanish anyway) ending.

But let's not discount the influence on She-Ra's theme (are you singing She-Ra! She-Ra! right now?) of this Allen Toussaint song, as recorded by Betty Wright:

If you like it, do seek out Toussaint's performance of it at the 1976 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, say on this CD.