Friday, July 8, 2011

Here's what's inspiring me lately [Beware of Swears]:

From a piece by Abhay Khosla on Savage Critics:

Those first six pages of KIRBY GENESIS are a laundry list of things I am most snide about in Big Two comics right now. Until… until the Kirby characters show up. Then, all that shit stops, and the comic turns into a blast. Because it’s a COMIC BOOK again. Suddenly, there’s no time for Jay Baruschel and his shitty life because some lady is screaming out “You’re in the presence of a Galaxy Green Apprehension Squad.” Yay! And the lady from the Galaxy Green Apprehension Squad doesn’t look like Pam Grier– she looks like a fucking comic book character instead! Yay! No more attempts at pretending to be hip and young just by doing nothing else but imitating SCOTT PILGRIM. Yay! There are still caption boxes but now they have things like “An unknown codex, found in a viking treasure hoard on the Orkney Islands in 1914” in them. Proper comic book bullshit! Yay! Old comics values save us from shitty modern comic storytelling! Yay!!!

It's not the polemic against modern comics that appeals to me--lord knows I read plenty of Thoroughly Modern superhero comics--but rather the idea of "proper comic book bullshit."

That's what I strive for in my creations, I think--it's why I love Angel being turned into a Muppet (and making that a not-so-rare curse in my D&D games), and Robert Kirkman's excellent new all-ages comic Super Dinosaur, and superheroes that transform my saying a magic word and being struck by lightning (that's both the Captain Marvel and He-Man families at the top of the list).

And it's why I'm tickled by my new idea for The Vanisher, a ray that makes you SMALLER THAN TIME. The Vanisher is believed to have caused the disappearance of the Diamond Amateurs, a band of hapless adventurers.  The band was lost to history but they did not vanish; rather, they were shrunk at a metaphysical level. The Vansher happens to be located near the 'hulk' of an earwiggle spacecraft, the generation ships of the Virusmen, and the Diamonds have been there for centuries, SMALLER THAN TIME, and thus undinted by its ravages, fighting the good fight against the Virus Menace. Or something.

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