Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three-or-Four Dollar Wednesdays!

Do you have a comic book habit? Well, you should. New comics are delivered to a shop near you (if you're lucky to live in one of those quanit bourroughs that still hosts those brick-and-mortar relics of the Age of Handicraft), so go there today and buy something.

Meanwhile, I propose to seek out one new OSR product in the, perhaps rather narrow, $3-$4 price range, the price for one new 20-page comic floppy, every week and snatch that sucker up. There's a slim change I'll even review it, though it seems odd to review an adventure without running it, even if that is de rigueur* round these parts.

Up this week is The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz  by Dylan Hartwell, the Digital Orc ($2.99 at RPGNow). It's been reviewed already by How To Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying, (who was involved in the module's production) Tenkar's Tavern (where I learned about it) and B/X Blackrazor (which I learned after buying it--good thing JB gives a positive review, I was worried for a second that this was a whole nother Sacrosanct Games situation.) Also, JB's review is nearly as long as the module.

Here's what I think of it: While the premise of the Blasphemous Brewery is hard to believe, and the illustrations give the module a homemade appearance, the game material itself is good enough that I consider my $2.99 well spent. It details, in brief, two-or-three-sentence entries the rooms of three small dungeon locations, which are pretty standard fare but work together to flesh out a mini-setting, aided by some details of nefarious elves, several NPCs with useful personality descriptions, and a couple of cool new monsters (I particularly the magical spiders--they even look really cool in Hartwell's illustration). Oh, and a very deadly artifact. I think it's a pretty good adventure and I might consider adapting it for Gamma World 7e (that's the D&D IV version, yeah) becaus ethat would also be blasphemous. My review isn't much, so be sure to read the three I mentioned above, and get to know the Digital Orc blog, which seems to have many useful links to OSR tools that I wasn't aware of.

*Oh, de rigueur means 'strictly required by etiqutte'. I thought it meant 'customary'. Pretend I wrote 'customary' up there. Have I ever mentioned that I love dictionaries?


Trey said...

I think you may have mentioned that before. :)

Good review.

Ick the Ark said...

Thanks, Trey!

Unknown said...

Okay, I will go buy comics. You have swayed me. Well done.