Friday, March 29, 2013

Now I'm bummed about Dwimmermount

The latest Kickstarter update says Dwimmermount will come out only with ACKS rules, leaving the Labyrinth Lord version for Maliszewski to do, should he decide to. So, that's not the product I wanted. My other option is a refund.

Before this the Dwimmermount situation didn't bother me much at all. I'm weird I guess--I waited five years for 17 Lone Wolf books and would have waited another 5, but never mind that. The hook here is that I didn't blame Malszewski for any of it, but I'm unhappy with Autarch's decision here. I don't want an ACKS product, not because I dislike that system, or even know anything about it, but because I already have a system I prefer and Labyrinth Lord is pretty close to it. (I got as far as "Bladedancer" on the list of classes in the RPGnow blurb and decided it was not anything I was interested in. Dumb I know, but as dumb as the name "Bladedancer"?) I did just now notice that their system is pronounced "axe" so I like that at least.

But honestly, I would assume the ACKS version will be pretty easily usable with OD&D, I just don't want to do the work of looking into a different set of rules. Am I lazy enough that I'd rather have the money than the beautiful artwork and a book I can hold in my hands? I guess not, and that's why I'm unhappy about it--I'm going to get the book, but it's not going to be quite what I wanted. It's like a Joss Whedon story or something. At least nobody had to die.

Ripper R.I.P.
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Cartoon Action Hour Season Three is Coming!

I have a tradition here at The Like of mention Cartoon Action Hour (the RPG of 80s animation) every year or so--it's about how often I check

Today I learned that a new edition of Cartoon Action Hour is threatening release (as mentioned here at the end of January), so please allow me to launch the first broadside in the CAH Edition Wars:

Season Two Forever! O! S! R! O! S! R!

I kid. I'm looking forward to the new edition and I hope it becomes a thriving, community-building hit for Spectrum Games.

My new series shall be called Under the Heel of Pharaoh Chewbacca and new eps. will air on Saturday mornings on the My House Network--as soon as the pilot is ready.

Can your band of scrappy misfits survive on an Iberian peninsula colonized by Egyptian religious zealot carpet monsters from space? Even if they can, what'll they do about the Hawkmen?  I have a bad feeling about this . . . 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mongoose's Lone Wolf line has been terminated

Just go here and read about it.

It's lovely timing, as I have an event coming up on my calendar called "5th Anniversary of the Magnamund Mega Deal."

Five years ago I paid Mongoose about $660 for a full line of reprints of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf books, up to about number 30, many of which had never been published before. Or something.

They managed to deliver, in those 5 years, 17 books and now the line has been terminated. Oh, there were also two novels in addition to the game books. So that's about $34 per book. Subscribers are being offered credit in Mongoose product, which is somewhat generous to those who can imagine any product they'd want from Mongoose besides Lone Wolf.

Oh well. I haven't even read any of the books in these 5 years--well, I read Flight From the Dark through once last year and hated the stuff they'd added to it.