Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A replacement for read magic

It's Swords & Wizardry appreciation Day! (Like you didn't know, you cheeky monkey.)

Here's a spell:

Black Candle
Spell Level: Magic-User 1st level
Range: as candlelight
Duration: as candle (depending on material)

This spell creates a halo on unlight that only the caster can see. The unlight makes some invisible writing visible and makes magical writing readable while within the halo of unlight. This spell will require some rules for candles (how far their light illuminates, the different properties of wax and tallow, etc. because I seem to enjoy that kind of very granular nonsense).
Is it the candle itself, the wick or the flame that is black?
The material component is a candle that is lighted behind the caster's head.

(I seem to have strayed into Hot Topic Pop Music territory here, but that really wasn't on my mind.)

This spell is intended to replace read magic, but it started life as kind of magical light that could help adventures see their way through darkened depths without broadcasting their location to the slobbering blood hungry denizens therein.

It also reminds me of the time I somehow wound up at a concert for this Goth-looking band called Wick (I can only assume my band or a friend's band was also playing that night--there's no other reason I would have been in that place). One song featured the singer coming out into the audience for a sort of shout-along where he'd jab the mike at you so you could shout along with one particular word.

Naturally, when he got to our table (of course I was sitting down at a rock show--I hate rock shows!) my girlfriend and I just stared at him stupidly. We didn't know what word they were shouting (earplugs) and hadn't really been paying attention (though we were positively squinting with the effort of willing him not to come to out table).

So he threw us the mike and we gave him the cow eyes and he walking away, saying over his shoulder "all you had to say was _____."  That's all I remember--I don't remember if we left right then, or what happened after if we stayed (I was probably drunk)--and I don't even remember what the word was we were supposed to shout.

That's what this spell reminds me of.

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