Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Laws of 'Have a Summah' 2013 (updated)

1 Watch Jaws
2 Drink lemonade, even if it's Kool-Aid lemonade
3 Switch to some summah pants
4 Remember the gorillas and keep them holy

5 Breathe deep the boxes and bits of board games every day
6 Listen to Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack on Who Charted?

Supplemental: do choose a summah gum.

You want a quotation from Proust? Here's quotation from Proust (one sentence) (it's even appropriate to the summah theme and timely for the July 4th holiday):

"Whereas before my visits to Elstir's studio (before I had seen in one of his seascapes a young woman wearing a dress of barege or lawn, on the deck of a yacht flying the American flag, who imprinted the spiritual replica of a dress of white lawn and a flag in my imagination, giving it an instantaneous and insatiable desire to set eyes on dresses of white lawn and flags by the sea, as though I had never seen such a sight before) I had always striven, when looking at the sea, to exclude from my field of vision not only the bathers in the foreground but the yachts with their sails as excessively white as beach clothes--indeed, anything that prevented me from having the feeling I was gazing upon the timeless deep, whose mysterious existence had been rolling on unchanged since long before the first appearance of mankind, even the glorious weather that seemed to veil this foggy, gale-lashed coastline behind summah's trite and changeless aspect, filling it with an empty pause, the equivalent of what is called in music a rest--now, however, it was bad weather that seemed to have become the unfortunate accident and to have no place in the world of beauty; and so, burning with the desire to go out and seek from reality what had so stirred me, I hoped the day would be fine enough for me to see from the clifftop the same blue shadows as I had admired in Elstir's picture."

(From In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower,  trans. James Grieve)