Saturday, September 21, 2013


BLUNT WEAPONS (From the Equipment list: mace, morgenstern, flail; see also axes below)
1-Head trauma: save vs. Death Ray or be knocked unconscious; furthermore 1 in 8 such blows will destroy        an eardrum and 1 in 8 of those that fail to do so will destroy an eye; 1 in 20 of those will destroy both eyes.        Those wearing a helm and coif are protected from these effects 3 times in 6; the helm will be destroyed 1 time in  6 after preventing such a blow.

2-Bone break, sword arm.
3-Bone break, shield arm. 1 in 4 blows destroy the shield instead.
4-Gut check: subject is winded, save vs. Death Ray or lose one round in retching.
5-Bone break: hambone or shank, 50% for either.
6-Broken rib: 1 in 6 of such blows will puncture a lung, causing death in 1 to 6 rounds.
Those wearing hard armor (AC 3 or better) will be protected from any of the above effects 1 time in 6; however, those affected by a critical hit from a blunt while in hard armor will have their armor staved in at the point of the blow and will have their fighting capability reduced by one Hit Die.
CUTTING WEAPONS (from the Equipment list: hand axe, sword; battle axes and halberds use this table or the one above, 50% chance for either, 1% roll on both tables)
Roll on the Blunt Weapons table. AC 5 or better prevents these effects 3 times in 6. Blows which succeed in dealing a critical injury will cause serious bleeding 2 times in 6; such bleeds to the ham (result 5) will cause death in 2 to 4 rounds.
PIERCING WEAPONS (arrows, quarrels, spear, double-edge swords, pike, dagger)
1-As Blunt Weapons, but 1 in 4 will gouge out an eye, 1 in 6 will be fatal.
2-3-As Blunt Weapons, though there will be no bone break so healing may be faster.
4-Pierced bowel: slow, hideous death.
5-As in 2-3, though the possibility of death from bleeding exists as in Cutting Weapons.
6-Pierced lung: death in 1-6 rounds, with fighting capability reduced. 1 in 8 such blows will pierce the heart.
Hard Armor (AC 3 or better) will prevent such effects from piercing weapons 3 times in 6, though only 1 time in 6 if the effect is from a projectile fired from a bow or crossbow at close range.

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